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Monday, January 15, 2018

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  1. Toastmsaters
    25 Jan, 2018
    Part of being in M.U.M. is attending program related meetings including Toastmasters.  Toastmasters is a speech training group that focuses on self presentation through practice.  It will help with the self-articulation M.U.M. members will need when its their turn to share their story or for future job interviews.  Communication is a priceless skill that can go a long way which is why we want to encourage our members to participate in Toastmasters.  M.U.M. looks to help the men and women in
  2. Safe Haven
    21 Jan, 2018
    Safe Haven
    M.U.M. isn’t just a place that’s open during events or normal business hours; it’s a place where the guys that are a part of the program can turn to in hard times.  Just the other day we had two guys who had been kicked out of their home during a family issue but had no where to go.  They turned to the M.U.M. facility as a safe haven where they could go without issues or worries of being tempted during hard times.  This culture of fraternity and being there for one another is exactly the type
  3. My Brothers Keeper
    15 Jan, 2018
    My Brothers Keeper
    Micah W., 41, father of six, came to Big Boy’s Moving through the POPS program.  He first worked as a laborer for the moving company before he was able to move on to a better job through the first of many more relationships Big Boy’s Moving and M.U.M. hopes to establish with other local businesses.  Nehemiah G., 39, father of three, came to Big Boy’s Moving for support after being released from the Monroe County Corrections Facility because he knew the owner.  He was given temporary work in